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Amy Fritsch, RN, IBCLC, RLC

Board Secretary

Amy has been serving the breastfeeding community for over 10 years as an experienced nurse
and lactation consultant with a special interest and education in tongue ties and craniosacral
therapy/infant massage. Amy has been secretary of several organizations and committees
including the FL West Coast Breastfeeding Task Force for the past few years. She has worked
on the maternity floors of hospitals as the lactation consultant as well as a Breastfeeding Peer
Counselor at the DOH for the past 10 years. She has volunteered and been active in the
Hernando county Mom to Mom group, the Hernando county Baby Shower, Storybook Forest,
the Florida Healthy Babies Initiative, the Substance Exposed Newborn Task Force, and Purple
Crying training. After a move to Tallahassee, Amy continues to serve on the Capital Area
Breastfeeding Coalition and is involved with events in the area. Amy has a passion to assist and
empower healthcare professionals and families interested in breastfeeding, and enjoys teaching
about better healthcare and the breastfeeding lifestyle. Amy breastfed her two children for 14 &
16 months consecutively. Her breastfeeding experience led to a passion to empower and
helping others understand that there can be challenges to overcome and there is support
available to care for one another during their breastfeeding journey.

Jennie Rae Lanziero, IBCLC, RLC


Jennie Rae has served the community in breastfeeding support for the last 7 plus years and has been the Vice President of the Florida West Coast Breastfeeding Task Force for the last two years. currently the Breastfeeding and Peer Counselor Coordinator for the Hernando County WIC program. She has worked with NICHQ and the Baby Friendly movement to support change in a local hospital, participates in the county Baby Shower Planning Committee, Florida Healthy Babies Initiative, and Substance Exposed Newborn Task Force as well.  Her passion for helping to support mothers comes from her own experiences with breastfeeding. Jennie Rae is a mother of three children.  Her passion for empowering mothers comes from her personal experiences breastfeeding.  She is driven by the desire to offer mothers hope and then watch them fulfill their goals of breastfeeding and/or offering breast milk to their infants. Her desire is to have a community of compassion and support for families making informed choices in regards to their health care and it starts with infancy. She will strive to empower not only the community but, providers and educators who are very much persuasive to new mothers. Her hope is to continue to make change for breastfeeding support in the community by providing continuity of care from one support resource to another. 

Felicia Deluca, IBCLC

Vice - President

Felicia is a Lactation Consultant at the Florida Department of Health in Pasco Women Infants and Children (WIC) Program. After experiencing breastfeeding struggles of her own and overcoming them, she became passionate about helping others with breastfeeding. She has been working for WIC for the past 4 years helping support, promote and protect breastfeeding.

Jessica Przybysz-Clark, CLC

Treasurer & Fundraising Chair

Jessica has been an active member of the Florida West Coast Breastfeeding Task Force along with the planning committee for last 3 year's Latch On event. She currently holds the title of a Certified Lactation Counselor at the Hernando County WIC office and is actively breastfeeding her almost 3 year old daughter. Jessica is an active administrator for the Hernando’s Breast Friends social media page. She is passionate about educating and empowering others about the importance of breastfeeding along with continuing to promote a breastfeeding friendly environment within our community.

Maret Wachira, IBCLC

PR & Advocacy

Maret is an IBCLC with the Citrus County Dept. of Health. She was a peer counselor for Pinellas County WIC. She lives in Hernando County and has been part of the Tampa Bay Breastfeeding Task Force for 4 years out Pinellas County Outreach. She has been able to help the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition, FBC, with the Medicaid Breast Pump Consortium by traveling to Tallahassee to present information. Maret has also taught the FBC Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care as an Employee of DOH and as volunteer. She works to be involved with educating the community and my peers on the importance of legislation to protect and promote maternal and infant health. She helps the Florida Maternal Mental Health Collaborative with advocacy and awareness. As a mother of 2 boys, the youngest still breastfeeding. Maret believes that getting help early and often can make the difference in breastfeeding and mental health.

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